Fchat 1.20

Fchat is a program that searches a computer hard drive for Facebook chat
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Fchat (a.k.a. FCT) is a program that searches a computer hard drive for Facebook® chat messages or silently captures Facebook® chat as it occurs. An HTML report file is created containing the located/captured messages, sorting them by date and time. Unicode is supported (i.e. different languages) and converted to the original text.

Quick Search, is pretty much what it says. It will run a fast search on your system drive (usually C:\) and recover any existing Facebook® chat messages it finds. Because it’s a quick search, it does not recover all of the chat messages that are still on your hard drive but it can still find quite a few. If you want to run a comprehensive search that searches your entire system drive for chat messages, you should choose Full Search instead.

Which brings us to the Full Search option. This search will scan through your entire system drive for Facebook® chat messages, including free space, virtual memory files, and so on. As you would expect, this search takes a lot longer than the Quick Search, but it’s also a much more comprehensive search and will recover the most Facebook® chat from your hard drive. Please keep in mind that since Facebook® does not actually log your chat anywhere, Fchat is only able to find messages that were left behind. It’s impossible to predict how many will be found or from which time frame.

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